Colonial Park Plaza / 103 South Main Street / Newtown, CT 06470
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Monday-Friday 10am-6pm / Saturday 10am-4pm

You'll find a lot of unique features at Universal Tile & Marble, not the least of which is owner, Jan Rudzinski. An opera singer who has performed at Schubert in New Haven, he may treat you to rendition of "My Way" as you marvel at the myriad of products in his store.

Trained in architecture, tile and stonework in his native Poland, Jan (pronounced Yan) takes full advantage of his talent and has the successful store in Newtown stocked with the exclusive lines he loves to prove it.

With many years of experience in this business, Jan is ready to help you as he can customize tiles to suit your very specific needs. On call to further tweak your look is decorative artist Diana Baxter who hand-paints tiles, creates one-of-a-kind murals and masterful faux-finishes.

NEWS: A special line we're now offering comes from Appomattox Tiles, a company that specializes in mosaics. Another unusual find is glass tile from Canada. This product, which is new to the U.S. market, offers a gorgeous variety of color, ranging from earth to pastels to glowing jewel tones.

From Europe we get solid-granite bathroom fixtures. Offered in 40 shades, these toilets, shower bases and counters are sleek and rare. In our floor department, you'll find antique French terra-cotta tiles that are more than one hundred years old as well as Mexican and Italian stones. You have got to see the rich choice of Mexican tiles we have available.

We 're expecting a shipment of exclusive tumbled marble and limestone from Turkey very soon.

So stop by and check it all out!